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Successful Podcasting: How to Make Things Easy for Your Podcast Guests

Successful Podcasting: How to Make Things Easy for Your Podcast Guests

If you have a podcast and you bring in guests from time to time (or every time), then you want to make things as easy as possible for your podcast guests. As a podcaster myself and a frequent guest on others’ podcasts, I wanted to jot down a few notes to help you, dear podcaster
This is how a misleading email newsletter subject line made me feel

Email Newsletter Subject Lines: Interesting, But Not Irritating.

It happens, right? You get an email from a newsletter you subscribe to, and the subject line is so compelling, you click. Or worse, you get tricked by the subject line, thinking it’s an email from someone who actually is writing to you personally, and you click. Recently, I post

Banana Republic ‘Startup Guy’ Line. Uh, Where’s the Line for Women?

Banana Republic recently came out with a new fashion line that they announced in a newsletter, dubbing it “The Startup Guy.” Uh, Hello? I wear Banana Republic sometimes, so when I first heard about the Banana Republic Startup Guy line, I couldn’t help but wonder̷
You are an entrepreneur.

“You’re Not An Entrepreneur.” …Oh, REALLY?

This morning I received an email newsletter with the subject line, “You’re not an entrepreneur.” Since I think we all know that I am definitely an entrepreneur, I was curious about what nonsense might be inside. So I opened it. Inside that email was an article about