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running a mobile business

Go Mobile: What You Need to Know About Running A Mobile Business

It’s the dream of just about any entrepreneur: to be able to travel freely in the world, working that ever-elusive 4-Hour Workweek, running a mobile business. But how can you go mobile? Is it possible for you to live the dream? Today I’ll show you what you need to know abo
absentee business owner

The Curse of the Absentee Business Owner

There’s a secret among franchises, and that secret is that franchises simply don’t work with an absentee business owner. In fact, most franchise companies won’t let you own one of their locations if you plan on becoming an absentee business owner. But did you know th

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Creating a Crisis Communications Plan

Creating a Crisis Communications Plan: It’s NOT Over When It’s Over

If you listen very carefully chances are you’ll hear the sound of a company executive letting out his or her breath after a crisis. That rush of air is coming from someone saying to themselves (and their management) “Phew, we got through that one. Let’s move on.” In our experience, th